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For the final results in each of 50for15's constituencies, see this post.

What? Conservative-Labour marginal with rising UKIP support.

Where? The seaside town of Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire, with surrouding villages. The constituency encircles Great Grimsby and is not far south of Hull North.

Why? Former Labour MP Shona McIsaac represented the seat from 1997-2010, and her husband, Peter Keith, is the Labour candidate in 2015. It’s just the sort of seat Labour need to win in order to form a majority, but the likely outcome is complicated by the rise in support for UKIP, which is coming from previous Conservative and Labour backers, as well as those who have not voted in recent elections.

The 2010 result

Candidate Party Votes Share
Martin Vickers Conservative 18, 939 42.1%
Shona McIsaac Labour 14, 641 32.6%
Malcolm Morland Liberal Democrat 8, 192 18.2%
Stephen Harness UKIP 3, 194 7.1%

Conservative majority: 4, 298

The MP in the last Parliament – Martin Vickers

Martin Vickers, MP for Cleethorpes

Martin Vickers, MP for Cleethorpes

Born and raised in Cleethorpes, Martin Vickers (Con) spent twenty-five years as a councillor before becoming MP for Cleethorpes in 2010. He has supported Grimsby Town since 1959. Full biography on Vickers’ website.


The challengers

Peter Keith, Labour's challenger in Cleethorpes

Peter Keith, Labour’s challenger in Cleethorpes

Born and raised in Belfast at the height of the Troubles, Peter Keith (Lab) worked in the trade publishing business, and is now employed by a company specialising in providing business intelligence. He has lived in Cleethorpes for the last twenty years with his wife Shona McIsaac, the Labour MP for Cleethorpes from 1997 to 2010.


Roy Horobin, Lib Dem challenger for Cleethorpes

Roy Horobin, Lib Dem challenger for Cleethorpes

Former secondary school teacher Roy Horobin is Chair of the Grimsby and Cleethorpes Liberal Democrats. His political interests include regeneration, jobs, and culture. More details on Horobin’s website.


Stephen Harness, UKIP's candidate for Cleethorpes

Stephen Harness, UKIP’s candidate for Cleethorpes

Grimsby-born Stephen Harness is standing as UKIP’s candidate for Cleethorpes for a second time. He is a councillor on the North East Lincolnshire Council. More details in the Grimsby Telegraph.

Carol Thornton, Green candidate for Cleethorpes

Carol Thornton, Green candidate for Cleethorpes

Carol Thornton is the Green Party’s candidate for Cleethorpes.


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